TBM Carriers offers expedited service through the implementation of Team Drivers and Double Deck Logistic Trailers, servicing the urgent loads and cost saving needs of our clients.

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Trust us with your shipments

TBM offers transportation services to a wide range of customers, either a full load, or less, or simply a night service. Regardless of the volume of the loads, each shipment receives personalized attention.

Border Crossing

Border crossing operation is done by our own drivers, thus the Door to Door service.

Distribution and Packaging

Bonded Carrier and available Warehouse / Cross-dock for Distribution and Packaging.

Customer Service

Assigned CSR as single point of contact during normal business hours, and an available after hours team for 7/24 assistance.


In-house mechanic shop for truck and trailer preventive maintenance at our terminals.

GPS Tracking

GPS truck monitoring with the ability to create a lane specific Geo-fence.


We are an asset based company with terminals on both sides of the border

We take pride in the professional, reliable service from source to destination,
we aim to deliver the best transportation services.

Logistics Solutions
Need Extra or Specialized Equipment?

Our commitment is to provide transportation services that enable companies to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. We deliver transportation services with staffing, support and equipment so you can manage costs and focus on your business.When our clients require the expertise of a logistics department yet don’t have the volume to support in-house logistics personnel, our trained staff can fill the position.We at TBM utilize a network of carriers who can provide any equipment you need to move your freight from your dock to your customer’s door.

TBM Intermodal

Since 1999, TBM Carriers has been shipping between distributors in the United States and Mexico with an outstanding track record. With a combination of over 270 trucks and intermodal shipping through Laredo, TX and now Calexico, California, TBM Carriers safely moves over 1,500 loads a day from the United States to major distribution centers in Mexico.
Our load consolidation services create cost savings for customers. New lanes throughout the United States will be added in the near future to serve central and east coast distributors as well. With new trailer tracking technology, TBM now provides real-time trailer location anytime, anywhere in Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Door to Door Service

We have been operating since 1999 growing our network throughout Mexico, USA and Canada.
Specializing in providing integrated cross-border shipping solutions to manufacturers and logistics companies.
With door 2 door international service you avoid unnecessary load handling, reducing cost and damage.